Fae Site Tutorial

Introduction: Let’s Get Started!

Our Mission: We Build Tools For People With a Mission

Hi, I’m Mark from FaeTools.com. Before we start with our tutorial, I just wanted to share our mission with you.

At Fae Tools, we build tools for people with a mission.

We will handle all the technical stuff so that you can focus on what you love.

We want you to focus on creating value, building an empire, serving customers, spreading knowledge, sharing your beliefs, and achieve your dreams.

Personally, I’m also super passionate about teaching and helping out budding entrepreneurs.

So always feel free to reach out to me because my mission is to help you with yours.

Your Shiny New Site: First Look

Meet Bob. Bob has a mission. Let’s join him on his journey!

In this video, we are exploring Bob’s space.

If you are following along, make sure you click on “Edit” on the top right and sign in to Notion in order to edit your website.

Create Content

Easily Create Pages and Posts

Once you are in edit mode, you can easily create pages and posts by clicking on the row below the last row in the database.

You can choose aliases so that multiple URLs direct to the same page or post.

Write a description for all your pages and posts for SEO purposes.

Set every new page and post to draft so it doesn’t get published until you are ready.

Either leave slug empty (it gets automatically populated later) or set your custom slug.

For pages, you can leave the section property empty, it defaults to the home page — unless you’d like to have a page hierarchy.

We will discuss menus in more detail later.

Add Beautiful Media to Your Content

You can add images, gifs, audio files, videos, pdfs etc. to your posts and pages. Feel free to try it out and play around!

In this video, we used:

Cross Linking Your Content

You can mention another piece of content by typing the @ symbol and using the search function. This way, the link text is always the same as the page title.

Alternatively, you can also just create a link with any text you like to that piece of content.

If you link to pieces of content in draft, it will appear to your site visitor as normal text until you decide to publish the linked piece of content.

I didn’t mention it in the video but in this way, you can of course also create links to external content.

Enable Different Views

The Magic in the Background

We run a script several times a day to check if you made any changes and if so, regenerate your entire site.

This way, you don’t have to click save and wait but can just edit away.

Also, and more importantly, the pages are not generated for each viewer. Instead, we pre-generate each page so quickly serve them to your audience.

It necessarily takes some time to generate your pages (especially when compressing images) but neither you nor your audience has to wait for it.

Improve the Design

Pick a Theme

Pick Your Fae Site Theme

The following themes are already integrated with the Fae Site system. Please have a look:

Search Other Themes

If none of the above themes fit your needs, have a look at these two sites and pick a theme:

Let us know which one you picked and we will do our best to integrate it with our system right away and enable it for your site.

Describe Your Custom Theme

If you’d like a custom theme, we can certainly do that as well!

We’ll even design it from scratch if need be if you are a paying subscriber of the all-inclusive offer. Just tell our designers what you want and we will create the theme for you.

If you are non-paying beta tester, we will help you out within reason and as capacity is available.

Please, as always, don’t hesitate to contact us if you’d like to make changes to the design. We’d be happy to tweak the theme for you.

Add a Menu and Menu Items

Your Own Domain

How to Buy a Domain

In this video, I used:

How to Connect Your Domain to Your Fae Site

Simple — you just let us know and we will handle it. If you own the domain, we will need you to follow some simple steps. No worries, we will help you every step of the way.

Ask, and It Shall Be Given

Please always feel free to ask for help, guidance and new features.

I want this to succeed because I want to help you succeed.

We’re continually making improvements and creating new features, depending on how many people asked for them.

I’m really excited to see what you will do with this system! 🙂

Stay Tuned…

More tutorial videos are coming very soon, please check back later. 🙂

Coming soon:

  • Make Money and Grow
    • Sell Your First Product
    • Make Your Site SEO Friendly
  • Security
    • The Content is Yours — Always and Forever
    • Unhackability: Multiple Avenues of Attack Just Impossible
    • Unassailability: Few Dependencies, Easy Switching
    • Uncancelability: We Will Always Fight For You
  • Online Business Education
    • Why We Teach Online Business
    • Get In The Right Mindset
  • Additional Features
    • Automatic 404 Detection
    • Write Math Equations

What would you most like to learn more about? Please let us know:


Want to make a tutorial like this one? I used Loom to record videos and of course my Fae Site!

In the videos, I accessed the following other websites: